The Best Crappie Fishing Lakes In Alabama

Lake Weiss in Alabama is acknowledged as the Fishing Capital of the World and often produces 2 to 3lb. crappie. Crappie are a major sport fish at this lake. The crappie fishing season at Lake Weiss is from January through April and the end of September through the middle of November for the fall season. The marabou jig is excellent for crappie fishing in Lake Weiss. They come in different colors and have furry bodies with a feathered tail. Theses are known as hair jigs. One of the crappie fishing techniques for using crappie jigs is let it move slowly past brush, stumps, rock piles or other cover and keep it in a particular area as long as you can.

Logan Martin Lake in Alabama has plenty of big crappies. You can catch crappie year round in this lake. The middle of February to the end of April is the peak spawning season. During the spring most crappies weighs at least two pounds. Spinner crappie baits are ideal to use for crappie fishing in this lake. Crappie fishing tips for fishing in Logan Martin Lake include using crappie lures that are bright and have a scent. Crappie jigs such as Cabela’s jig spinners will help you be successful in catching crappies.

Another Lake in Alabama that’s great for crappie fishing is Lake Eufaula. This lake doesn’t have a minimum size limit for crappies. There are submerged trees and other structures where crappies spawn. During April and May it’s common to catch crappies that weigh 2 to 3lbs. Other crappie fishing techniques are using a lightweight rod such as a telescopic rod. This type of rod can reach as far as 18 feet and can easily be put into heavy cover. Telescopic rods are also adjustable which makes them perfect for fishing where there’s heavy brush.

Miller’s Ferry Lake, Alabama is also ideal for crappie fishing. Many crappie fish move to shallow water to spawn as soon as the water temperature gets warm. This lake has rocks on the bank. You’ll find many crappies in the steep ledges with rocky bottoms. You may want to use crappie fishing techniques such as letting your crappie lures sink to the depth you want and then reel them in very slowly as you keep your rod elevated. Always make sure your hook is sharp. This can make a difference whether you catch a crappie or not. Crappie have soft mouths so be careful not to jerk so hard that the hook rips right through their mouth or you’ll lose them.