Best Crappie Fishing Lakes In Tennessee

If you are looking for a great fishing destination, then you really need to look no farther than the great state of Tennessee. This state provides incredible fishing opportunities whether you’re looking for walleyes or catfish the size of your sports car. There are literally millions of acres of water for you to scratch your angling itch on. So if you want to fish, then head to Tennessee and try out a few of the lakes listed here!

J. Percy Priest lake is governed by the Nashville District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and offers a lot of different things to do, no matter what it is that you happen to want. You can either fish, camp, hunt, or anything that you really want to do. The crappies are dense in this lake, and as with any other lake you will want to look for them either in the shallows or near floating timber because this is generally where crappies will tend to live or hang out.

Lake Barkley is also a great place to visit if you are into the whole fishing thing. It was impounded by the Army Corps of Engineers in 166, and is quite close to the Cumberland River in Kentucky. Lake Barkley forms one of the greatest recreational freshwater complexes in the United States, an features a lot of different activities which you can do either by yourself, or with your family. You can either take a small one man boat out, or you can go all out with a huge pontoon boat; whichever sounds best for you!

Nickajack Damn is yet another great place to go for crappie fishing, as it is filled with fish, and is thirty miles west of Chattanooga. It was built to replace Hales Bar Dam which was broken and springing leaks like there was no tomorrow. You can still see the Hales Bar Damn located above the lake, and this is a perfect place to fish. Make sure that you seek out the shallow areas of the lake if crappies are what you seek. Also remember that crappies look for warm water, and as such that is what you should look for.

Old Hickory lake is decent as well, it is actually a Reservoir in the northern part of Tennessee, which is formed by the Old Hickory Lake Damn on the Cumberland River. It is about twenty five miles upstream from Nashville, and the city of Hendersonville is on its north shoreline. The lake is full of crappie, and you will have a great time fishing here.

South Holston Lake is good as well, but it is a little odd. Most of the reservoir is located within Tennesee, but there is a huge part of it that is located in Virginia. If you are fishing on the Tennessee side, then you need a license from Tennessee, but if you are fishing on the Virginia side, then you need a Virginia license because there is no reciprocal license between the two states. This should in no way discourage you from fishing in this lake as it is a great place to fish for crappie.