Best Crappie Fishing Lakes in North Carolina

Fishing is a favorite pastime for many people. In the beginning fishing was used for food and basic survival. Today it is still used for that but it is more used for sport than anything else. There are thousands of people who will go out into the wilderness or out onto the middle of a lake to try their luck with the rod and reel. It doesn’t matter what it is they fish for because all anglers have a preference. It could be bass, carp, walleye, or even blue gill if they are so inclined. One thing that many fishermen go for, and is used in many tournaments, is the Crappie. It is a great thing to fish for, but where can you find them? What lakes are they located in?

In Durham north Carolina there is a lake called Falls Lake. It is man-made and it is rather large. This lake was created by the US Army in order to control flood waters, as well as to provide water to the surrounding communities. There are areas around the edge of this lake that provide good cover for crappies such as heavily wooded areas, and dingy water that stays warmer than the rest of the lake. Crappies love warm water, so there is no reason to believe that they will go incredibly deep.

Kerr Lake, also known as Buggs Island, is additionally a great place to catch Crappie. It too is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers, and because it borders Virginia and North Carolina, a license from either state will be valid throughout the entire lake, regardless of where you happen to be fishing. That definitely cuts down on costs!

Apalachia Reservoir is a great place to fish for Crappie. It is a great place for all types of different activities like fishing, hiking, and even camping. You will find that it is a very quiet place with virtually no private residences flanking the shoreline, and absolutely no commercialized areas. It is always very clean because the Forest Services takes care of the surrounding land, and as such you should have no trouble catching your fill of crappie.

High Rock Lake is also a great place for crappie fishing. It may be a little bit noisy for your tastes because the lake is somewhat commercialized. It has been advertised as a family location, meaning that you will find tons of children there as well as families. There are boats to rent, and even campsites. If you can find a nice quiet place then there is a high probability that the crappies will practically come to you, but no one said that it would be easy.

You can also sample the fish of Lake Mattamuskeet which is actually the largest natural lake in the state of North Carolina, and is actually a wetlands depression. The lake is not fed by any underground springs, and is about five feet below sea level. The lake itself is filled with crappie, and as usually you will find them in the more shallow areas of the lake.