Best Crappie Fishing Lakes In Mississippi

Mississippi is a state located in the southern US, and is named for the river of the same name which is on its west. There are many forests in this state, as well as a plethora of lakes that are all good for fishing. You will find that you can catch many fish there including bass, and even the much loved crappie that you hear so often referenced by anglers. If you are interested in catching crappie, then you have definitely come to the right place, and we will be more than happy to fill you in on the best places to catch crappie with in the state.

One place that you definitely need to check out is Sardis Lake, which is located along the Tallahatchie river. This lake is renowned for the sand beaches and the many different places to fish. It also has a swimming pool, rec hall, and even a golf course. If you ever get bored with the crappie fishing, then you can definitely find something else to entertain yourself while you are there!

Okatibbee Lake features an amazing 11,000 acres as well as excellent fishing opportunities. There are 6,900 acres of woodland for if you ever decide that the fishing is a little too dull, and while you are fishing, know that there are plenty of shallows for you to fish for crappie. There are infinite fishing opportunities, so there is no doubt that you will have a lot of fun on this beautiful lake!

Located at the center of Mississippi is Enid Reservoir. This lake is stocked with all the fish that you could ever need, and of course there are crappie there. To be honest there aren’t many man made lakes that aren’t stocked with crappie, and this one is no exception. That said you will have lots of fun on this 28,000 acre body of water, particularly if you are partial to the rod and reel.

The Ross R. Barnett Reservoir was named for the 52nd Governor of Mississipi, who incidentally shares the exact same name. This has 105 miles of shoreline and limitless fishing opportunities. As always anyone who wants to explore those opportunities should really consult with a guide so that they will be able to locate the best spots for fishing, as well as being able to keep their bearings.

The Jamie Whitten Lock & Dam is a very interesting lake, as it is actually ten different channel locks that create ten individual lakes. The dam is well stocked and you will find that there is no limit if fish whatsoever. Angle to your heart’s content, because this is one of the greatest sports in the entire state. Just remember to take someone with you, and definitely back some protective gear because it is a rather large lake.