Best Crappie Fishing Lakes In Louisiana

Louisiana is definitely a great state to visit. It has a lot of wildlife, and it is also very interesting when you consider that it is the only state that is still divided into Parishes. If you ever pass through this state, whether intentionally or unintentionally, then you need to try out some of the many fishing opportunities on one or more of their many lakes.

Catahoula Lake is 19,000 acres of pure fishing fun located in the center of Louisiana, and fifteen miles southwest of Jonesville Los Angeles. This is the largest natural freshwater body in the state, and its shallow areas make it perfect for crappies. If crappies are your thing then it would definitely be a bad idea to miss out on fishing in this great lake. Keep in mind however that it is a sightseeing area, so you may have to go quite a bit out of the way to find a quiet spot.

Calcasieu lake is also a great place to fish, with it’s swift waters and sandy bottom. Normally you will have to fish off of the embankments close to bridges unless you happen to have a boat. The fishing in this lake, as you will soon find out, is best when the water level is lowering, because there are more crappies making themselves present, as well as other fish if you are so inclined. There are many access points that you can take advantage of, so if one is full them keep driving, you’re bound to find another at some point.

North of Boyce is Lake Rodemacher, which is open to just about anything including boating and fishing. Because it is owned by the CLECO and is under their jurisdiction, you will need to get a permit from them in order to actually use this lake. While only daytime fishing is permitted, the lake is home to a lot of different crappies which you may fish for to your hearts content. It has many other fish, but crappies are the main thing that you will probably be seeking out. The lake also has two good boat ramps on both the west and south sides.

Vernon Lake is perfect for crappie fishing, because the lake itself is in part wooded. It has a lot of dead timber floating, which crappies tend to gather around. It will make navigation with a boat a little bit tricky, but if you are really determined to catch those crappie then you won’t let this bother you one bit.

Indian Creek Reservoir isn’t just a great fishing destination, it is also a great place to go on a family getaway. It has room for fishing, swimming, hiking, and even picnics. The lake is full of crappies for you to catch, and you can even use a boat on this lake as there is a decent launching point on the lake. This is definitely one that you don’t want to miss, especially if you are traveling with your family.