Best Crappie Fishing Lakes in Kentucky

Kentucky is without a doubt one of the greatest places to fish in the United States. From the shore fishing, to the boating on the mighty Cumberland River, there is no doubt something for everyone in this great state which is located just south of Ohio. You will find bait stores everywhere, and if you need a good boat you are certain to find that as well; and you won’t have to look very hard either. Many people go to Kentucky for fishing tournaments or for recreational fishing. It is a great family vacation spot, or a place to be alone. Kentucky truly is a multi-purpose state, and if you wish to angle for the greatest crappie in the state, then you would be wise to check out the following locations.

Though many people did not like the idea, Cumberland Lake was eventually created, drowning many communities and schools. Regardless, it has drawn a lot of tourism for the county as well as immeasurable amounts of money. There are so many different things to do on this lake whether you want to ski, float, or go house boating. The lake is also filled with tons of different fish including crappies. If you want crappies then it would be best to stay near the shallows or close to floating timber as these are the places that crappies are most likely to hide.

Laurel River Lake is also a good place to go fishing for crappie. This lake is actually within the Daniel Boone National Forest and only a few miles off of Lake Cumberland. It is among the deeper Kentucky lakes and features a lot of different activities. It has places for hiking, picnics, and all kinds of things that you would have to go there to find out about. One of its other activities is scuba diving, so you would be ill minded to miss out on this great opportunity for both crappie fishing as well as entertainment for your entire family if you are traveling with them.

Rough River Lake is a nicely designed multi-purpose lake, having been built by the Army Corps of Engineers to help with flooding as well as water supply. Since then the lake has done a great job of providing many different recreational activities including boating, fishing, and even hunting. This does not mean it is a good idea to go hunting on the lake with a firearm, but during hunting season you are more than welcome to try hunting the game the gathers around the body of water. The crappie fishing here is especially good as well.

Taylorsville Lake Park is a great place to visit, you can fish for just about anything there including bass, crappie, and bluegill. There isn’t much sport in bluegill but to each his own as they say. The lake is also very close to Louisville, so if you want to fish for crappie but don’t want to be incredibly far from civilization, this is definitely a great lake to visit.

Yatesville is a great place to visit too. This lake has tons of things to do including boating, jet skiing, or fishing. The lake is full of crappies, and you won’t go home empty handed from this lake!