Best Crappie Fishing Lakes In Arkansas

One of the best fish to eat and to fish for is crappie. The sweet taste of the pure white meat is irresistible. Fisherman all over the state of Arkansas can hardly wait for the early spring when the crappie are beginning to bite. Arkansas is broken up into 10 fishing districts across the state. These specialized lake areas are for the skilled fisherman as well as the novice. Lets’ talk about some of the different areas Arkansas has to offer.

Beaver Lake

Located in North Arkansas, here you will find fair to good fishing that will still fry up to that sweet goodness crappie is known for, just not as much of it. If you are looking for those trophy size slabs, you know those big fish that fish stories are told about, then you need to try Beaver Lake. Known for fish over two pounds, Beaver Lake is located in the Ozark Mountains. It is easily accessible from good highways that branch out from Rogers, Eureka Springs, and Springdale. Satisfied anglers have been known to bring in their limits of good-sized crappie time after time in this area. Call the Beaver Lake project office at (479) 636-1210 for more information.

Bull Shoals

If good action is what you are looking for and not necessarily big fish, Bull Shoals might be the area you want to venture into. Situated in the northern Arkansas Ozarks, you can find good slabs that are fun to catch. On the upper end of Bull Shoals Lake, fast and furious action can sometimes be found. The upper end of this lake seems to provide better conditions for crappie spawns. In this habitat, the average fish is about ¾ lb. Although it is not unheard of to find that some two pound fish to have been caught. Bigger crappie has been found around Deer Cove and West Sugar Loaf. In sunken underbrush areas where there is very little visible cover, you will find hidden schools of crappie. For additional information on the Bull Shoals area, call (870) 425-2799.

Lake Hogue.

Tucked away in delta farm country, is a little known lake that is said to produce some of the biggest crappie in Arkansas. Completely rehabilitated in 1985, it now has some of the best brood fish in the area. It is well stacked with most crappie averaging around one pound apiece. Of course, there are some larger ones also. Lake Hogues’ new environment provides good spawning and feeding cover. Abundant aquatic insects serve as baitfish to grow fat crappie. Around the edges of the lake 280 acres, visitors can find a quite spot. Anglers can work jigs and minnows in deeper water. Crappie love to gather around in the cooler water of the new levees built especially for them. You can find Lake Hogue nestled in the Earl Buss/ Bayou DeView Wildlife Management Area. This is three miles west of state Highway 49, near Weiner. For more information about Hogue Lake, call (877) 972-5438

Here are just a few of the wonderful spots in the Natural state of Arkansas where men, women, and children can enjoy the fun sport of fishing for crappie.